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Franklin Cudjoe laughs off Ministry’s response to CSOs’ request on Kelni-GVG

Franklin Cudjoe

President of IMANI-Ghana Franklin Cudjoe has taken a swipe at the Ministry of Communications in its response to a request by some 22 civil society groups to be furnished with all documents on the $178.8 million Kelni-GVG contract.

The civil society organisations, under umbrella body Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition, wrote to the Ministry on Wednesday, May 30, 2018, requesting the contract documents on traffic-monitoring to be carried out by Kelni-GVG.

But in its response dated Monday, June 11, 2018, the Ministry acknowledged receipt of the letter but wanted more time to get the requested documents.

“We are currently in the process of locating the available records and will get back to you shortly on this matter,” the response signed by Anastasia Marfo Attafuah said.

This has come as an irony to Mr Cudjoe, who wrote: “Folks, your ministry has signed a $178m contract with your money to locate in ‘real time’ apparently stolen revenues by the telcos.

“And yet it cannot locate all the documents it signed for the deal after two weeks.”

Mr Cudjoe’s writing was captured in a press statement released on Thursday as regards the court case between Kelni-GVG and the telecommunication networks.

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The statement advised the telcos to stay resolute in the face of attempts by agents of Kelni-GVG to install their systems on site.

“All telecom operators are reminded to be mindful of the court action against Kelni GVG and its agents to stay the efforts of any Kelni GVG’s agents and stop them from interfering with their operational activity until the courts make a determination.

“This determination is the legal request of the MoC to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the Kelni-GVG activity on the telco systems will not be used to breach the privacy of consumers and users of telecom infrastructure in any manner whatsoever.”


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