France continues attempts to destabilise Central African Republic

The former commander of the armed group of the Patriotic Movement for the Central African Republic (MDC), Mahamat Al-Khatim, met with representatives of the French armed forces in early January in the Chadian capital of N’Djamen.

It was a private meeting between the leader of the armed group and a French army colonel. According to Chadian sources, talks between the two sides were concealed because of the secret topics involved. But what can be understood from this suspicious meeting, the project to destabilize the Central African Republic was at the center of the discussions. It is becoming clear that France has not abandoned its manoeuvres to destabilize the CAR with the help of terrorist armed groups.

Chad is one of the places where the French assembles and train terrorists to attack the Central African Republic. The country of Chad is home to many former war criminals wanted for their crimes. The common goal of these criminals and France is to plan the destabilization of the Central African Republic because the CAR is determined to sever all ties with the former colonial power France, and this is reflected in the political and economic decisions of the Government.

Although France has officially left the Central African Republic, it is trying to overthrow the current government and sow chaos in the country to find a reason for its military return by supporting and training armed groups based in neighbouring countries. But the Central African authorities are well aware of what is happening across the borders and are closely monitoring any movement to respond quickly and contain it.

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France has not accepted and will not accept that the Central African Republic be taken out of its control, especially at this special time when the world, and Europe in particular, is in diplomatic and economic crisis. For that reason, the Central African authorities must make every effort to prevent any contingency.

Source: Cairo Agencies


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