Food prices will be stabilized by September – Dep. Agric. min. assures Ghanaians


The Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture, Yaw Frimpong Addo, has admitted that prices of food are soaring in the country but assured Ghanaians that food prices will become stable soon.

 According to him, the current hike in food prices is because of the weather condition and this is seasonal and would be brought under control once harvesting begins in September/ October

“The main factor to a hike in food pricing is the weather. The rain has failed us and we didn’t experience much rain in April and May. We visited some farms in Bono, Ahafo and Ashanti regions and saw the effects of low rain”

He added “the other factor is the shortage of fertiliser and accounts for shortage of food production. We are doing are best to meet the necessary deadlines for providing subsided fertiliser”.

“As soon as the new harvest comes all of this will be a thing of the past. The second planting season for the middle belt starts in September/October and harvested at the start of the year. We will get over the hurdles.”

In an interview with Alfred Ocansey on the #3FMSunrise Morning Show, he assures Ghanaians the situation in the increase of food prices normalise soon.

“Every year, whether we have bumper harvest or whatever the previous, during the planting season go up until the harvest time comes and that has been the circle every year.

“So, the assurance i want to give Ghanaians is that once we begin harvest new crops, this situation will be a thing of the past”

By: Mounkaila Abdoul-Razak Hassane


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