Fixing of ripped roof of Parliament House begins; likely to be ready Monday

Workers fixing the ripped roof of the building.[/caption] Renovation work has commenced on the large portion of the roof of Ghana’s Parliament building, which was ripped off by a heavy rainstorm in Accra Tuesday night. A tarpaulin has meanwhile been fixed on the affected part of the roof as a temporary measure to prevent water leakages in the event of another rain, while actual work is expected to start Friday after the House rises. [caption id="attachment_41670" align="aligncenter" width="564"]The large part of the roof that was ripped off by the Tuesday night rainstorm The large part of the roof that was ripped off by the Tuesday night rainstorm[/caption] Members of parliament were forced to leave the main chamber of the House Tuesday due to a roof leakage caused by the disaster; thus ending proceedings on a bill to amend portions of the Local Government Act. Some staff placed mob buckets at the various leaking spots , which were concentrated at the clerks area, to collect the water from the ripped roof. Deputy Director of Public Affairs of Parliament, Kate Addo, told TV3 Thursday ADK Consortium was assessing the extent of damage, adding that renovation work is expected to be completed by Monday, February 6. [caption id="attachment_41668" align="aligncenter" width="564"]Mrs Kate Addo Mrs Kate Addo[/caption] “Work will go on tomorrow [Friday], Saturday, Sunday, monday. Hopefully by the end of Monday they should finish but if they don’t finish they will still ensure that water does not seep through should we have a similar situation,” she said. She said the roof renovation is not going to come at a cost to Parliament, explaining that the House has a maintenance arrangement with the Consortium. “They are going to as much as possible reduce the cost or if possible not at all,” she said.

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