Fisherman who sued EC over District Assembly election wins

Benjamin Eyi Mensah, the fisherman who dragged the Electoral Commission (EC) to the Supreme Court for preventing him from filing to contest in the District Assembly Elections, won the September 1 election with a landslide in the Ayipey electoral area in the Central Region.

His victory according to him is a vindication that he was the man of the people whom the Electoral Commission wanted to disqualify. He sued the EC, which forced the postponement of the elections which had been scheduled for March.

The Supreme Court ruled in his favour which led to the rescheduling of the District Assembly elections which took place on September 1. This also allowed for the maturation of CI 75 which had been laid before parliament.

Ebenezer Eyi Mensah polled 1,063 votes to beat the incumbent, who bore a similar name, Ebenezer Mensah who secured 583.

Thanking the electorates at after he had been declared winner, Mr. Eyi Mensah said “I am very happy, I was have been very embarrassed if I had lost. I campaigned very hard and worked very hard to secure this victory.

“I want to thank all of you for voting for me. Going to the Supreme Court was good and that is what has helped me to win. I’m asking you to do the same for me in four years time.” He added.

By Martin Asiedu-Dartey||Ghana

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