First National Bank to break down 2022 budget for easy understanding

Many are eagerly anticipating what Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta will say on Wednesday, November 17 when he delivers the 2022 budget statement.

This is particularly so because the reading is coming at a time when a number of Ghanaians are complaining of a general increase in cost of living.

Already, there are hints of the announcement of a possible increase in taxes, road tolls as well as removal of benchmark values at the port all culminating to the effect that things are likely to get a tad more difficult for the average Ghanaian.

In the anticipation however comes the need to sit through hours of long, often boring sessions in parliament anytime the budget is read.

But things are likely to change this time round as The bank of the changeables, First National Bank Ghana offers an innovative way to get Ghanaians to appreciate what is truly contained in the budget statement, except in a more fun and interactive way.

First National Bank will on Friday host a session on their twitter space dubbed, “The Ghana full year budget you dey barb”.

The space is scheduled for Friday, November 19, 2021 at 3:00pm.

According to a post by the organization, it wants everyone to understand the full year budget hence the breakdown.

“Chale this Friday, we dey breakdown the Ghana full year budget make everybody barb. Join wona Twitter Space make we vibe this Friday 19th November 2021. The time be 3:00pm. Don’t dull, ” the caption read.

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