First look at Jasmine Baroudi in ‘The Cell’

Jasmine Baroudi is hopeless in an array of desolate shots. Imagine being immobile for hours on end without any possibility of relief…well that is what happens to Jasmine Baroudi’s character in the upcoming movie, The Cell. In the first released set pictures, movie lovers get to see the actress in character – a woman tied up and tortured for past mistakes. The upcoming movie captures the final moments of a medical professional caught up in a revenge web that quickly escalates to a life-and-death situation. The story focuses on how easily it is to tip from sanity to insanity as a result of turning of one’s lives circumstances. ‘The Cell’ sets itself as an intense, gripping psychological thriller with female lead determined to shine despite being restricted from moving with supporting performances from actor Anthony Woode. Source:|Ghana]]>

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