Fighters want military intervention in Libya

A civil organization,  calling itself the Fighters, has condemned what it calls “crude slavery” being practised in Libya as it calls for military action in that country.

In a press release, the group remarked, “it is very disappointing…that African governments have been very slow in their response to this criminality”.

According to the group, what is happening in Libya violates several Conventions passed by the African Union and the United Nations relating to slave trade and human rights in general.

“We have heard the usual speeches. But these speeches have proven to be very useless in times of crisis over the years. Action is needed. The only strong, logical action at this point is a military deployment to free the captured slaves and wipe out [those] perpetrating this crime against humanity,’ the Fighters advocated.

“Due to the criminal action by NATO, Libya has no functional government. And there is no authority over militant gangs parading the streets. Therefore it will be foolhardy to expect Libya as a stateless entity to do anything about this grave matter at this time.

“African countries must therefore deploy troops immediately. The AU must coordinate this military effort through the African Reserve Force,” it reiterated.

File photo: A returnee

But Sylvia Lopez Ezra, Chief of Mission for the International Organization for Migration, says military intervention is not the option now.

Meanwhile, more Ghanaians are to be flown back home to Ghana from Libya following the development. About 130 Ghanaians were brought from Libya in July.

Sylvia Lopez said, “we are scaling up our operations in Libya to get as many migrants there as possible, we are now estimating the total number of immigrant in Libya is around seven hundred thousand (700,000) and thousands of them are living in a vulnerable situations, living in detention centers, some of the official, some of them unofficial and the best option that we can provide to this immigrants at the moment is to offer dignified return home for them.”

Source: 3news.com | Ghana

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