Fetish priest 'swerves' family after promising to resurrect dead relative

It was an amusing scene to behold in the precincts of Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital morgue when a fetish priest walked in with the intention of going to raise a dead person The priest, one Kobina Komfo, 40, was said to have had a confrontation with the deceased, Auntie Ama, 54, a few days before she died Sources close to the family tell CONNECT FM’s OMANBAPA morning show host Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson the fetish priest had wanted to rent a house from the deceased at Anaafo, a suburb of Sekondi, but there was a misunderstanding so he demanded his money back. This resulted in verbal exchanges during which the fetish priest threatened the deceased. “A few days after the quarrel, Auntie Ama complained of stomachache and was rushed to the Effia Nkwanta Hospital but died on Friday,” the source disclosed. Kobina Komfo reportedly went to the family to “confess” that he was the one who killed their relative and that he was ready to go and raise her back to life. The family, who believed the claim by the fetish priest, quickly complied with his demands, bought Kola nuts, Schnapp and other items as ordered by him for rituals. The bereaved family hired a taxi and together with the fetish, went to the mortuary on Sunday, September 15, around 4pm. On arrival, they were asked to wait for the In Charge to come but while waiting, Kobina Komfo asked to be excused to go and piss and come but he never returned leaving the bereaved family members to their fate.

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Source: Connect FM97.1|3news.com|Takoradi, Ghana]]>