Fertility firm stops donors after mad rush to donate sperms, egg

Doctor's Advice: STI's cause infertility in women; Seek treatment early
STI's and infertility in women

Fertility centre Medifem Multispecialty Hospital & Fertility Centre has stopped numerous of voluntary donors after receiving several requests to give out sperms and egg.

These voluntary donors reached out to the Centre to voluntarily following a documentary aired on TV3 over the weekend.

“We have currently reached our threshold for voluntary sperm and egg donations,” the Centre stated in a public announcement on Monday, January 16 after a barrage of calls.

Many had voluntarily requested to offer their seed after one donor claimed receiving GH¢2,500 per week for his services.

But Medifem Multispecialty Hospital & Fertility Centre says there is no need currently.

“We will inform the public when the need arises,” it said.


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