May 9th stadium disaster: GFA vows to eliminate hooliganism


Today, May 9th marks the 23rd anniversary of one of the worst football tragedies in Ghana’s history when 127 supporters lost their lives due to a stampede at the Accra Sports Stadium during a game between Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko.

In remembrance of the victims, the Ghana Football Association (GFA), led by its president, Kurt Okraku, has urged the football community to keep working towards eliminating hooliganism and ensuring safety in stadiums.

“This commemorative event serves as a constant reminder that our continuing efforts to rid Ghana Football of hooliganism and make our stadiums safe is the biggest tribute we can pay to those who unfortunately died and those who were scarred by the events of May 9th, 2001. Their sacrifice will be meaningless if we relent in this endeavour,” expressed Okraku.

Kurt Okraku

Each year, the football family unites to mourn the deceased and extend emotional support to their loved ones and survivors. It remains vital to uphold these gestures annually to preserve the memories of those impacted by the catastrophe.

Okraku added, “Our thoughts and prayers remain with all who were affected by the May 9th Disaster. We pray for continuing comfort for us all as we remain resolute in our faith in the Almighty.”

Concluding with an expression of reverence, he stated, “May the souls of our dearly departed brothers and sisters continue to rest in perfect peace.”

Wishing protection upon everyone, Okraku ended the statement saying, “May God bless and protect us all.”