FDA to intensify surveillance as ‘plastic rice’ emerges in Nigeria

Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) is intensifying surveillance on imported rice especially during this festive season.
The wakeup call stems out of the recent news from Nigeria of some 2.5 tonnes of plastic rice smuggled into that country.
Lagos customs chief, Haruna Mamudu said the fake rice named Best Tomato rice was intended to be sold in markets during the festive season.
But Head of Food Safety Management Department of the Food and Drugs Authority Maria-Lovelace Johnson says Ghana is not likely to record any such case as the team is ensuring that every bag of rice imported into the country is certified.
“More so now that there’s more hue and cry about this plastic rice in Ghana, we are doing more to ensure our safety. We will zero in more on the rice. Those are coming through the pots will be scrutinized by our man through both approved and especially at the unapproved routes,” she emphasized.
She says the authority has put in place measures to safe guard Ghana’s borders against inferior products
“Any product that comes into the country is tested and we make sure it is given market approval before they are released on the market. So no unsafe product can be on the market. Ghanaians should be rest assured”, she assured.
By Grace Asare |3Fm 92.7|

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