Faulty traffic lights on Kasoa highway killing pedestrians

Dozens of pedestrians have been knocked down by speeding vehicles at Tetegu, Weija and McCarthy Hill Junctions on the Accra-Kasoa highway for the past month as traffic lights at these intersections have been off. The latest death occurred at the Tetegu traffic light on Monday night and a pedestrian who lives around and witnessed the accident, sent told Onua TV producer Kweku Antwi-Otoo in a Whatsapp that “an overspending trotro just swept one motor rider and one cyclist just about 20 minutes ago, and as to their condition I can’t say much”. Most of the victims are said to be students and pupils barely a month after President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo partially lifted the restrictions to enable final-years complete their academic terms. These traffic lights were fixed to allow easy crossing of the roads by pedestrians, motorists and cyclists, but residents claim they have had to struggle to cross to and fro both sides of the triple carriage road due to the non-functioning traffic lights. The situation gets worse during rush hours of the day as well as in the rains since the place also floods, making it difficult for not only school children but also the aged, persons with disabilities and pregnant women to return home. Some pedestrians told Onua TV that the lights went off about a month ago and all efforts to get the authorities restore them have been in vain. The Assembly Member for Tetegu Electoral Area in the Weija-Gbawe Municipal Assembly, Bright Adabra, in interview with Onua TV said he has reported the matter to the Municipal Urban Roads Engineer, Ing Daniel Sowah and the Municipal Chief Executive, Patrick K. B. Kumor, but nothing has been done about it. He said the place is dangerous to pedestrians any time the traffic lights go off because that traffic light was meant to enable pedestrians to have easy access to the road. Mr. Adabra promised to put pressure on the Urban Roads and the Assembly to fix the traffic light to avert further deaths and accidents. The Municipal Urban Roads Engineer, Ing Daniel Sowah, when contacted, admitted that the issue has been reported to them by the Assembly Member. He said he has also forwarded it to the headquarters, which has promised to come and fix it. Mr. Sowah also admitted that he uses the road a lot and anytime it is off, it’s a danger for both pedestrians and vehicles. He promised to ensure the lights are fixed within the week. The Municipal Chief Executive, Patrick K. B. Kumor, later told Onua TV that the Assembly is aware of the situation, which has also reported to the Urban Roads to fix these lights. He said he was informed that some underground cables have been destroyed that is why the lights are off on that stretch of the road. Mr. Kumor said by close of Tuesday, July 7, he would ensure the lights are fixed to save lives on the road.

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 By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|3news.com|Ghana]]>