Faltering Baaba survives 'eviction' night

Baaba was the Star Performer last week[/caption] After choking on her own words a number of times, it was visibly a frightened moment for Baaba from the Central region, as she stood by another possible evictee, Volta regional representative, Edem. But it was Baaba’s prayers that got answered, and that mercy was extended to Edem as the two join the already saved four. Yes, for two weeks running Ghana’s most watched reality show on TV, Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB-2017)on TV3 recorded no eviction. Having bonded for weeks, it is a painful thing to lose a member of the team. After each has performed, the contestants were therefore given the first option to choose whether one of them should be evicted today or get two people evicted next week. Some were undecided, but insecure Baaba obviously hopped onto the next week bandwagon, and voila her prayers were answered by the judges. Each of the contestants went back into history to fetch for the thirsty audiences what their respective regions hold – cultural pride! Baaba, who was the third to mount the stage, would be thanking her stars backstage for surviving another week, after a masqueraded performance that overshadowed her true self. From the word go, once the ‘Most Eloquent’ Baaba could not complete and go beyond a sentence in her narration. Lacking the creativity on the night to outsmart her audience, it became clear to everyone that she had lost her lines in the “chew and pour” act. She emerged on stage promising in her fancy dress with two others.  Then goes Baaba: “If it comes to festivals in the Central region…” she paused immediately she started her presentation in her native Fanti language. ” If it comes to festivals in the Central region…” she got choked. ” If it comes to festivals in the Central region like Aboakyire…” she hesitated again:  the beginning of a bad day for the Central regional representative. She tried pulling herself up for the competition that gets keenly every week, but faltered alongside again. And her murmuring “Oh my God”  repeatedly couldn’t hide the fact that the girl was suffering in deep trouble. Ironically, this below par performance is coming just a week after scoring a hat trick: wining three of the four awards on that night. ___________________________________________________________________

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GMB2017: Baaba scores hat trick to end Adom’s award record ___________________________________________________________________ While Baaba stumbles, others shine. Her direct opposite on Sunday October 22 was Serwaa from the Eastern region. Cast in a fetish priest, she used her magic wand to oust Baaba as the hat trick queen, scooping all the three available awards – Most Eloquent, Most Disciplined and Star Performer. Nobody received the Best Costume award. We were later told by one of the presenters of the show that Baaba has been going through some emotional torturing, which even affected her rehearsal after one of her co-performers had a life-threatening accident while rehearsing. It is however certain that when the 60 marks from the judges are merged with the 40 marks from the audiences – two of the beautiful girls will go home next week. The remaining four will play it fair for the most sought after crown. Watch Sunday’s performances By Isaac Essel | 3news.com | Ghana]]>