Expert contests Mahama’s claim of fixing energy crisis

ElectricityEnergy expert, Kwadwo Opoku, has rejected President John Mahama’s claim that his government has fixed Ghana’s energy crisis, which culminated in erratic electricity supply for years. Delivering his last State of the Nation Address in Parliament Thursday, President Mahama said various interventions undertook by his government has seen an end to the crisis that crippled businesses and affected the economy for close to three years. The President claimed Ghana was on the verge of becoming energy sufficient, saying, “With the expectation of more domestic gas from the TEN and Sankofa fields, Ghana is entering into an era of energy self-sufficiency”. Mr Opoku has, however, rejected the President’s claim, noting he only solved a part of what he termed a multi-faceted problem under his government, which comes to an end from January 7. “Has he fixed it completely? No! Has he done some work? Yes. He solved some parts of the problem, but not the entire situation. So he did not fully solve it like he claims. The problem is multi faceted,” he challenged. He identified infrastructure in the sector, lack of fuel to power the plants and lack of money to buy gas from Ghana Gas and Nigeria Gas as some of the multi-faceted problems that require attention. The country currently owes Nigeria Gas. Mr Opoku has meanwhile called on the incoming government continue from where the Mahama government left off in order to holistically solve the energy crisis. “Some fundamental and basic blocks have been laid for the incoming government. I suggest the new government continues with this, to prevent the issue aggravating”, he advised.

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By Grace Asare|3FM||Ghana]]>