Experiencing the Stratcomm Africa excellence

CEO of Stratcomm Africa

The phrase “and the award goes to” has always been one that triggers a rush of emotions. The kind that I experienced on that memorable day, Friday 21st January 2022. As representatives of Stratcomm Africa received awards on behalf of the company amidst continuous echoes from people applauding in admiration, it dawned on me, with irresistible excitement and joy, “We did it!! Stratcomm Africa wins again!!” The feeling was immensely satisfying.

A well-deserved Award

With twenty- eight years (28) of experience and leadership in the Communication Industry this year, Strategic Communications Africa Limited (Stratcomm Africa) continues to dazzle clients, stakeholders and the world at large with its determination to proffer total communications. Adopting a unique approach, which is “blending the science and art of communication”. Stratcomm Africa has consistently raised the bar and remained pioneers in delivering excellent communication services to individuals, private and government institutions in both local and international contexts. The organization has also demonstrated its love for innovation and humanity through the implementation and execution of many projects that have improved the lives of many individuals, institutions and communities. 

Today, Stratcomm Africa can proudly boast of many awards and recognition local and international   . 

At the recent Public Relations and Communication Excellence Awards organized by the Institute of Public Relations (IPR) Ghana, Stratcomm Africa emerged as a winner once again taking away the award for “Best in Content” and “Best in Non-Profit Communication”. These awards acknowledged and gave recognition to Stratcomm Africa’s commitment to excellent communication using innovative, creative and relevant communication strategies and channels. As part of efforts in fighting the deadly Corona virus, Stratcomm Africa launched “The Adventures of KOO the Covid Prefect” an educational cartoon series designed to contribute to Ghanaians staying informed and keeping safe. The web series was translated into different local languages to help eliminate language barrier in communication. Stratcomm Africa went further to make the series available to all through social media, TV and radio broadcasts and in commercial buses and lorry stations. This initiative has impacted the lives of many and has definitely contributed to educating Ghanaians about the prevention and spread of Covid 19.

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Creativity and Innovation

You will agree with me that Stratcomm Africa is indeed a pacesetter in the Communication Industry.  In 2016, the organization brought home from Qatar the coveted award for “Outstanding Achievement in Public Relation”, for its work in relation to supporting its client employ innovative approaches to promoting female access to financing in Ghana, making Stratcomm Africa the first Ghanaian company to win an IPRA award. An initiative that continues to impact many lives. The organization’s innovative Garden and Flower Movement which was initiated in 2013 has won several awards. Currently, the Ghana Garden and Flower Show has become one of the major events people look forward to in the year and most especially this year, as the movement celebrates its tenth year. This initiative is to create awareness among Ghanaians about the environmental commercial, aesthetic and health benefits of horticulture and floriculture. It aims to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) through helping to promote a greener, healthier, wealthier, more beautiful Ghana.

My journey

My journey, since I joined the Stratcomm Africa team, has been a total blessing and delight, and this makes me excited about the years ahead. To say that working with Stratcomm Africa is a big challenge would be an understatement. That I would be required to put in more than one hundred percent was very clear from the start. I had to hit the ground running, with the loads of checklists to cover, the contents to analyse and the various brainstorming sessions I had to attend. I quickly realized why this organization holds a strong reputation and is considered the best.  We do not compromise on the minute details, all the while looking at the bigger picture. Every detail is scrutinized, every idea thoroughly researched and every innovation given the opportunity to bloom. Stratcomm Africa’s leadership grooms you into becoming the best version of yourself using the right training and experience that allows you to develop and build your confidence to your fullest potential and capability. Stratcomm Africa instils in its team a “can do mindset”. Ms. Esther A N Cobbah, Founder of the Organization believes in each team member and continually encourages us with the saying “A mistake is a resource depending on how you use it “. Today I am comfortable in carrying out duties and activities outside what I studied at school.

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I wish to say big thank you to the management of Stratcomm Africa, led by the ever loving Esther Cobbah, for their continuous encouragement and direction that have over the years shaped our lives and our personalities. I also cannot talk about Stratcomm Africa’s achievement without mentioning all past executives and staff who have in way or the other contributed to making Stratcomm Africa the best we have now. To our cherished clients, we appreciate your role in our success and we continue to assure you of our commitment to excellent service.

To everyone reading this article, the main takeaway is in believing in yourself and an attitudinal willingness and quest for growth. Be encouraged by your mistakes to do better. I am proud to be a part of this team of go-getters! Cheers to this amazing win and many more to follow.  The road ahead looks exciting, stick with us.

Article by Emmanuella Yamoah