EXIM bank engaged in blatant abuse of funds under Akufo-Addo – Mahama

Former President John Mahama has said if he wins this year’s elections to be president again he will redirect the EXIM bank that he set up in 2016, to focus on the purpose of its establishment.

He explained that the purpose of the creation of the bank was to help create jobs and also promote export.

However, since the Akufo-Addo administration took over governance of the country, the EXIM Bank has veered off its path, he said.

Speaking during a meeting with small business operators as part of his campaign ahead of the elections this year, the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) said “When I established the Ghana EXIM Bank in 2016, my dream was for the bank to promote exports and create jobs. I did not envisage the current lack of transparency in the disbursement and flagrant abuse of the funds of the bank on non-core activities to the neglect of many core and legitimate viable business plans; some from many hardworking young Ghanaians.

“I will re-focus the operations of the EXIM bank, back to its core mandate of promoting businesses. The EXIM Bank under my watch, will in addition to other funding streams support agriculture and agribusinesses for both the domestic and export markets through the creation of agro-production and processing zones in all major crop producing areas across Ghana.

“It will also support the digital economy and fund ICT innovations. The Accra Digital Centre, which was purposed to provide 24/7 jobs for the youth will begin Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) activities on a larger scale. We will establish additional regional digital centres to provide young entrepreneurs with platforms to hone their innovative skills among others.”

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He further stated that E-Commerce will also be prioritized on a Government-supported platform that will promote Made in Ghana goods.

“We intend to run a 24-hour economy, which will be 3 shifts of 8 hours each. This means more employment and even more important, greater productivity and growth for the economy. We shall make it seamless so that it will become a norm, just like it pertains in advanced countries.

“Recently, when I toured the mining communities in the Western Region, I pledged that justice would be served for those who had been treated unfairly – those who had their excavators, pickup vehicles and water pumps seized and given to NPP cronies to mine. It is their right and I will pursue it. I believe we must regulate small scale mining to protect the environment and ensure safe mining so that the youth in those communities can have a source of livelihood for themselves and their families. So, I informed them that the next NDC Government will institute a Gold Board, which will work with the University of Mines, Tarkwa and the regulatory agencies to ensure they reclaim land and protect the environment while they mine.

“To add value to their products, we must, and we shall refine more gold for export. The private sector is invited to invest in this sector too. Let me assure you, we will involve the Bank of Ghana in certifying quality refined Ghanaian Gold and we will work with the KNUST Jewelry Training Centre to establish a first-class unique Jewelry market in Ghana.

“This is our strategy to create decent jobs in mining communities. Ladies and gentlemen, there are indeed a lot to look up to in the next four years under my Presidency, God willing.

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“We are presenting to you workable and practical solutions and that is why we are not afraid to allow the sunlight of your scrutiny on our Manifesto. But we know that to achieve these noble programmes and projects and to create one million jobs in four years, we also need infrastructure.”

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana