Evidence that Hydrogen peroxide protects against Covid-19 not compelling – Researcher

The mouthwash is not meant to be drank, injected, a Senior Researcher and Microbiologist at the West Africa Center for Cell Biology and Infectious Pathogens ( WACCBIP)  at the University of Ghana, Dr Yaw Bediako, has warned.

First of all, he said, it is a concentration so people should not be using highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash, and persons should not be drinking it.

That is the warning coming from Last week a Former Provost of the College of Health Sciences of the University of Ghana, Rev. Emeritus Prof. Andrews Seth Ayettey recommended the use of Hydrogen peroxide as immediate protection against the coronavirus.  In the clinical trials the Professor said eight frontline nurses in the COVID-19 management team at a District Hospital using hydrogen peroxide had not contracted the disease and had tested negative since May 2020 in comparison to 62 who did not use the hydrogen peroxide.

Following the statement from the scientist, the hydrogen product is said to be attracting high demands on the market. But Dr. Bediako said the study by Prof. Ayettey may be problematic because the evidence is not compelling to say that people who use mouthwash are less likely to get COVID-19.

Dr Bediako who was speaking on the Sunrise Morning Show on 3FM 92.7, said the study should be taken with a pinch of salt.

“On the face, they themselves mention that after observation only eight nurses out of the 62 used for the studies those numbers are very low and so Professor Ayettey himself will admit that it is not enough to make conclusive claims about the ability of this to prevent people from getting infected. Its use on the body or in the body should be taken very carefully”.

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Citing an example to back his claim on why people should take this study with a pinch of salt, Dr Bediako said

“I can guarantee you that if you go to Accra right now and find 10 people infected with COVID and also ask them if their relatives or contacts also tested positive,  you can find 10 examples of relatives who did not infect their people and non of those people used mouthwash”. He stressed.  

By Richard Bright Addo|3news.com|Ghana