Everyone patronises 'ashawo'; You cannot ban them – Abro claims

Everyone patronises 'ashawo'; You cannot ban them - Abro claims
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The National Public Relations Officer for the Film Producers Association of Ghana(FIPAG) and a radio presenter, Mawuli Epkpe Peter, says that prostitutes play a crucial role in society. They even comfort married men who are rejected by their misses at home.

In an interview with Christian Agyei Frempong on Anigye Mere on Onua Fm, Mawuli Epkpe insisted that there is nothing wrong with the ashawo business. They help men who are rejected and denied sex by their women and also relieve stress. And disagrees with those who support the government decision to ban the ancient business.
“No one can ban this lucrative business.”
He said, “Banning the old trade will be a failure because those who are supposed to enforce the law are also clients.”

Mawuli Epkpe Peter, known as Abro, alleged that he knows many high profile personalities in the media, both in Accra and Kumasi, are regular clients to call girls in these two cities. And threatened to mention their names if he is being provoked.

He claimed that those who patronised the ashawo business are not only the downtrodden in society. According to him, renowned pastors, politicians, top businessmen, top journalists, seasoned presenters, chiefs, police capos, doctors, engineers, seek the services of prostitutes. So it may be very difficult to ban the ancient trade.

By Nana Ampadu Kyere| Onua Fm| 3news.com| Ghana