Every person working with an artiste is a manager; Respect them – Bullgod slams Sally Mann?

Every person working with an artiste is a manager; Respect them - Bullgod slams Sally Mann?
Bullgod and Sally Mann
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The conversation about whether artistes in Ghana have managers has had some input from seasoned talent and artiste manager Nana Asiamah. For him, the title is functioning in Ghana.

Nana Asiamah, aka Bullgod, is a pillar in the entertainment industry notorious for discovering the most successful music talents in the country.

He shared his views with Johnnie Hughes on TV3 Newday, where he addressed the who is an artiste manager brouhaha.

“There are artiste managers in this country. Every person working with an artist is qualified to be a manager. What is management? I have heard some pundits speak derogatorily about the profession. It’s sad. But then i don’t want to mention names.

“If an artiste has four or five people, all of them are managers because they are managing the artiste’s career. Even if it is somebody carrying the towel and bringing it to the stage, that is the towel manager. Whoever is in charge of water is the water manager. They are there to ensure the artiste’s success.
So when people sit there and say messengers, who should carry the message? It is the manager. So I don’t know why people want to disrespect the profession.”

Continuing on that tangent, Bullgod revealed that this attitude towards the role is a result of industry stakeholders not giving credit where it’s due.

“It’s because we have failed to give credit to the people that build the artiste. An artiste comes to your studio because they have a banger, and you forget that it was a producer who actually produced them. The industry doesn’t respect these people. For the artiste to come there that morning and sit in your studio and have that conversation, it took a number of people to get them there. Nobody respects that,” Bullgod concluded.

By: Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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