Ever wonder how much world leaders earn? That of Singapore, Russia will shock you

As world leaders prepare for the final day of talks at the G20 meeting in Germany, we bring you how much some of them take home every year as their earnings. America’s Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron of France, Angela Merkel of Germany, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, UK’s Theresa May, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Lee Hsien Long of Singapore appear to be on top of the list of high earning leaders but who stands tall among them? Donald Trump – USATrump is currently on a 400,000-dollar [307,720 pounds] a year, although he had said he would only take a dollar. Justin Trudeau – CanadaBut Trump’s earning is more than that of Trudeau, who is 345,400 Canadian dollars (205,351 pounds) Angela Merkel – GermanyShe earns 242,000 euros, (212,387 pounds), more than what Trudeau gets. Emmanuel Macron –FranceHowever, Macron earns a quarter less of Merkel’s 242,000 euros but still not the least paid. He gets 178,920 euros (157,571 pounds) Theresa May – UKUK’s Theresa May earns even less than Macron’s 157,571 pounds. She in fact gets 150,402 pounds per year but she still earns more than some of her peers. Vladimir Putin – RussiaRussia’s Vladimir Putin earns less than what May receives yearly. He gets 8.86m Russian ruble (114, 074 pounds). Lee Hsien Long – SingaporeBut none of them comes close to Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Long who walks home with a whopping 1.23m pounds (S$2.2m) every year. By 3news.com| Figures by BBC|]]>

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