Events of June 4 must spur us to work selflessly and tirelessly for a brighter future for Ghana – Mahama

John Mahama
Former President John Dramani Mahama has commemorated the 44th anniversary of the June 4 uprising on Sunday. 
He stated that exactly forty-four years ago today, Ghana was gripped by a conflagration- triggered by a fight for justice and accountability. Regrettably, lives were lost.

“We honour the memory of all who were involved in the catastrophic events of June 4, 1979. Their sacrifices paved the way for the democracy and constitutional governance we enjoy today. June 4 birthed the principles of probity and accountability. The events of that uprising must spur those of us in positions of leadership today to work selflessly and tirelessly towards a brighter future for Ghana and uphold the legacy of those who came before us. Let us commemorate this important day with utmost respect and gratitude,” he said in a statement.


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