Esther Smith explains inspiration behind new album, ‘Wanimonyam So’

Esther Smith reveals inspiration behind new album, 'Wanimonyam So'
Esther Smith

Veteran Ghanaian gospel musician, Esther Smith, has revealed the inspiration behind her new album ‘Wanimonyam So’. Speaking to the 3FM Drive with Giovanni Caleb, the singer explained that she was moved by how the Glory of God helped her in moments of difficulty.

She said: “So, I wrote this song when I was in Germany with my child, who has a heart problem, and I was returning from shopping. I was overwhelmed by the things I was holding. and then I met two men who asked me in Dutch if they could help me. I agreed, and after they helped me and I thanked them, I turned to look for them, but they were nowhere to be found. I was shocked and asked ‘is this how God can send his angels to come in human form to help us. So, that is how I came about the song.”

The singer also sent out some words of advice to upcoming musicians to always listen to God, citing her previous marriage as an example.

“I want to tell musicians and all those coming into the industry that it may look nice, but it is not easy. There are many consequences. I wanted to get married, but my dad advised that it will not help me (at that time). I did not listen. On my wedding day, my dad brought “macho” men. We also went for soldiers. At the end of the day, it nearly ended in death. That is why the Bible says to honour your parents so you shall live long. I have suffered. I nearly lost my life. Sometimes as musicians, God gives us words that are too strong, and they come with consequences.”

She added, “I will advise that whatever you want to do, no matter your anointing, ask God because irrespective of your anointing if someone evil comes your way and you don’t ask God, you will fall into a trap.”

The veteran musician has released her album, “Wanimonyam So”, available on music platforms.

By: Kelvin Okai-Twum||Ghana

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