EOCO impounds assets of shareholders of failed Savings & Loans Companies, FHs and Microfinance Institutions

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has announced that the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) has frozen and or impounded some assets of shareholders, directors or management of the failed Savings & Loans Companies, Finance Houses, and Microfinance Institutions.

According to the central bank, this is to help with reimbursements of the claimants of the defunct institutions.

A statement by the BoG on Friday December 17 said “Following an emerging trend observed by the BoG over the last few years, BoG has since October 2020 submitted five (5) separate requests to EOCO for investigations into claims of persons (individuals, businesses, and law firms acting on behalf of clients) who have persistently made claims on the BoG to the effect that certain large sums of money purportedly remitted to them by foreign counterparties through the banking system have been withheld by BoG.

“These claimants often attached documentation alleged to be messaging from the SWIFT international funds transfer system, as proof of the receipt and retention of their funds by BoG. Following BoG’s preliminary investigations which have shown that these claims are fake, BoG has referred such matters to EOCO for further investigation.

“EOCO has made significant progress in these investigations and has initiated prosecution in some of these cases, while investigations in other
cases continue.”

It added “In its public notices in 2019 announcing the revocation licences of certain defunct Savings and Loans Companies, Finance Houses, and Microfinance Institutions, BoG cited a number of potentially criminal actions on the part of these institutions and their shareholders, directors or management, as the case may be. Following further investigations into the failure of these institutions by
the Receivers appointed by BoG, these cases were referred to EOCO for advice.

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“EOCO has conducted independent investigations into a number of these cases as listed below and has made recommendations to the Attorney General’s Department for consideration and possible prosecution.”

The statement further assured that “EOCO continues to work with the Attorney General’s Department towards speedy prosecutions of persons suspected to have been complicit in the failures of these institutions.

“In the meantime, EOCO has frozen and/or impounded some assets of such persons to help with reimbursements of the claimants of the defunct institutions.

“BoG continues to deepen its collaboration with EOCO and other law enforcement Agencies in the country, to help promote financial integrity and trust and confidence in our banking system.”

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana