‘Enhancing my body made me confident and attractive’; Fantana regrets nothing!

'Enhancing my body made me confident and attractive'; Fantana regrets nothing!
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Ghanaian musician Fantana is unashamed about her cosmetic surgery to enhance her body curves. She reveals that the procedure has boosted her confidence and increased her admirers.

According to Fanta, although she was attractive before the surgery, her admirers and suitors have significantly increased after going under the knife.

“I always attracted people but getting body enhancement has attracted men 10 times more,” she told ZionFelix.

Fantana also shared that she didn’t primarily enhance her body for men but for herself. She said the procedure has built her confidence.

“I did it for myself. Just to be more confident. I don’t have to worry about hiding my stomach or not wearing something because my butt is too small.

“I did what makes me happy. Anything about enhancement, I wouldn’t do it in Ghana. I would just do it in America or somewhere else,” Fantana concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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