Energy Ministry launches Oil & Gas Info Resource Centre

The Ministry of Energy has launched an Independent Oil & Gas Information Resource Centre (IOGIRC) in Accra as part of efforts to efficiently manage Ghana’s oil and gas potential.

The Centre operates as an interactive space for information as well as providing comprehensive information through both online and offline channels to keep all stakeholders abreast with technical, strategic and commercial issues that affect the oil and gas industry.

Speaking at the launch, Deputy Minister of Energy in charge of Petroleum Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam said the availability of information on the oil and gas industry would go a long way to ensure accountability in the sector.

“Among the constraints to accountability in the oil sector is the lack of good quality research on oil and gas available to law makers, civil society and the media, which will inform and influence policy and legislative debates upstream, and serve as an effective check and balance downstream.”

He said the information centre is a reflection of government’s commitment to support relevant research for public discourse on policies and laws in the oil and gas industry.

He added that the Centre will provide relevant information on the operation of the oil and gas sector to all interested parties and raise the bar on public scrutiny of government decisions regarding the exploitation and use of oil and gas resources.

The Independent Oil & Gas Information Resource Centre will fill in the information gap which could create suspicion on the minds of people and further boost the growth of the oil industry.

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Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam further reiterated government’s commitment to increase upstream activities, number of petroleum activity and local service providers.

“Government is desirous of increasing upstream activities in partnership with national and international oil and gas exploration companies through data acquisition and acceleration of exploration.”

He added that government is determined to ensure that Ghana’s oil and gas resources are well managed for the benefit of the country.

“We want to make oil a blessing for the current and future generation. We want to make oil a catalyst for economic, human and physical transformation of our economy,” he said.

By Irene Amesimeku||Ghana