Encourage students to be their own masters – Dr. Ben Asante

Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Gas Company Dr. Ben K.D Asante has disclosed that corporate private sector can only absorb students when the necessary tools are given to them before leaving school.

He made this key disclosure at the Grand Convocation organized by the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) over the weekend.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Gas Company was among the key speakers at the event to advise the youth to choose a career path for their future.

He was lauded for his contribution to the corporate sector and academia, advising students to have the interest in whatsoever they decide to pursue because if the interest is not there, a career path will become difficult.

According to the oil and gas engineer, the corporate private experience is totally different from that of school and authorities at the various universities must as a matter of seriousness adopt the school curriculum to encourage the students to be their own masters before they enter the corporate world.

“Students can get First Class but the corporate world is different. The corporate sector doesn’t have enough spot for everyone so make sure that you look within yourself. Your attributes you have is not intellectual property. So students can be better prepared to meet the industry targets.

“When you have to choose, be very sure you have the interest and your ability. Whatsoever you decide to do, be very sure you have the interest. Let say you decide to be an Uber driver, or a shoeshine person, don’t give up on your interest. Keep always at the back of your mind and keep pushing it to make sure that you get the available resources to be able to get the career of yours,” he emphasized.

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He added: “Being on both sides, I see a long gap between industry and academia and that we need to bridge that gap. If industry realizes that you need academia to enhance their bottom-line, if academia also realize that they need the industry, then their need to look at their curriculum, in such a way that will address the needs of the industry.”

He also charged the industrial sector to go back to the schools to make sure that whatever their business plan or anything they do will cultivate enough intellectual blueprint to be able to expand or multiple.

“I sit on both KNUST and UG board and I tell them to try their effort to bring together the industry and academia.”