Emmanuel Quaye: A footballer’s dream after prison

Fourth amongst 8 siblings, Emmanuel Quaye, was a boy full of hope and dreams. Just like a toddler, he was learning to walk and develop his talents before he faced the world square in the face.

A footballer with a passion who had a philosophy to make his parents proud before his world turned upside down in 2015, finding himself in the four walls of the Nsawam prison.

The 24 year old shared his story.

“ I was sent to Nsawam prison on 13th June 2015 for kidnapping a girl, I was sent to court and I was given a 7 year sentence” he said.

Still in prison, he did not let go of his zeal to succeed. He kept on training to sharpen his skills.

“In prison, I kept on playing football, it helped me gain a lot of admiration from the wardens and the inmates, I was even made the captain of my team”.

Now he is back from Nsawam prison after serving a sentence of 7 years, he wants to channel his energy into doing what he loves most, playing football.

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“Since I’ve been released, I would love to play for a Ghana Premier League team. I love to watch Joseph Esso because he has a unique style of play and I want to be like him” he stated.

“Also, all I want to do is to make my parents proud because they did not give up on me even in my darkest moments” he added.

His father, Daniel Quaye, believes he has what it takes to be a great footballer.

“I have told my son to keep training and remain focused and he will end up playing for the Black Stars one day”.

By Sakyibea Ofori|3news.com|Ghgana


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