‘Emmanuel’ hitmaker Alex Acheampong returns with 'Hu Me Mmɔbɔ'

Gospel musician Alex Acheampong, who made waves with his popular hit track Emmanuel 22 years ago, has resurfaced with a new single that is calling on God to have mercy on sinners. Titled Hu Me Mmɔbɔ (Have Mercy on Me), the song was inspired by the Biblical story of how King David took Bathsheba who was someone’s wife and later became remorseful after he was rebuked by God’s prophet Nathan. “The song is for sinners,” Alex who has been away from the Ghana music industry over two decades said at the release of the single. A video of the single has since December 6 been released by Alex who is currently based in the United Kingdom. The new single, produced by Bassey, an award-winning song engineer, was based on the events in 2 Samuel 11 and Psalm 51 of the Holy Bible. Alex said as the 2019 is ending, it is important to reflect on one’s life and shortcomings to live a better life in the years ahead and not repeat same mistakes they’ve done in the year. He said people may not have been able to achieve their new year’s resolutions while others have broken some personal vows they made with God. For that, he said, “It is about time we went on our knees and from our hearts, ask the Lord to have mercy on us. We can do so through this video track, Hu Me Mmɔbɔ,” said. Asked why he starved his fans with his inspirational songs for such a long time, Alex explained he had to go back to school to study for a masters degree and PhD in Energy Policy. That, he noted, made it difficult to handle music and education at the same time. For now, Alex says he is back for good, and to compensate his fans, he has done over 12 songs with music videos, which he plans to release in two to three months interval. Alex has promised to give his fans more of what they have missed from him over the decades. Aside the hit song ‘Emmanuel’ which was released in 1997, Alex has dished out other songs like Aka Sima which also gained some popularity before he left the music scene to chase his educational dream. Other songs by him are Wura Kasa, Na Mennim, Kristo. Alex recently donated an incubator and a phototherapy machine to the Asamang SDA Hospital as part of his efforts to thank God for his goodness.

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