Ella Mensah shuts Akosua Vee: ‘Don’t forget you dated married men’

A celebrity beef is brewing between Nollywood-cum-Ghallywood actress Ella Mensah and popular Ghanaian fashion stylist, Akosua Vee, as the two have taken to social media to trade jabs at each other over men.

Akosua Vee on Wednesday took a swipe at Ella on Facebook for claiming in a television interview that she is madly in love with a married man who she cannot now let go in view of how sweet the man is.

Ella was asked by a Joy News reporter at a wedding when she intends to marry to which the actress responded:  “I am in love with someone who is already married so I guess what I will say is that, I’m now going to search for a single guy.”

Shortly after the interview was broadcasted, Akosua Vee, who is the wife of the controversial musician A-Plus, shared the video of the interview on Facebook impugning karma will come knocking at the door of Ella when she finds that single guy to marry.

“Gone are the days when people are even shy or say they are dating married men!!! What do we see now?? Lord have mercy but remember when you have deeply fallen in love with this single guy and you are all over him, that Is when KARMA WILL KNOCK AT YOUR BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN DOOR! Keep wrecking ppls homes. My God has always been a merciful God and in his own time he strikes beautifully,” Akosua Vee wrote.But Ella who did not take kindly to the words of Akosua Vee, has since hit back at fashionista accusing her of double standards when Akosua Vee dated married men before finally settling down with A-Plus.

Ella suggested some “fools” want to capitalize on what she said in the interview “to shine”.She continued: “Have you forgotten you used to date some married man in Takoradi called Kwaku? And again before you married your husband you were dating another married musician Afriyie Wutah? Madam respect your damn self and focus on your marriage. I’m warning you”.

Surprisingly, Akosua Vee’s initial post that triggered the banter has since disappeared from her Facebook account.

By Nanaakua Yeboah [] Ghana

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