Electricity tariff goes up by 11.17%

Consumers will pay 11.17% more on their current electricity consumption[/caption] Electricity consumers in the country will from July 1 pay more for electricity as the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has approved an 11.17 per cent increment for the power distributors. The increment announced in a statement Friday by the PURC, is for recovery of total electricity revenue requirement for the regulated electricity market. “The key objective of the tariff review was to sustain the financial viability of utility service providers as well as ensuring delivery of quality service to consumers,” it explained in the statement The decision to review the tariff was based on proposals received from stakeholders, including the utilities service providers in the electricity and water sectors, the PURC said, noting the new tariff followed extensive technical and financial analyses of the proposals. Meanwhile, the Maximum Demand Charge on industrial customers (Special Load Tariff-SLT Customers) has been scrapped as part of moves to enhance the competitiveness of Ghanaian industries. “It is expected that this policy will result in some SLT customers experiencing savings in their overall utility bills,” the PURC indicated. The 2019-2020 Major Tariff Review Decision, the PURC said, is the outcome of prudent cost review and effective monitoring undertaken by the Commission. It said details of the approved electricity tariffs and the rationale for the decision will be published on the Commission’s website soon. The PURC reiterated its unwavering commitment to ensuring the sustainability and growth of quality electricity and the water service provision for socio-economic developments.

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