Electrical dealers damn Fire Service over ‘lazy approach’ to fire investigations

The Ghana Electrical Dealers Association has questioned the approach used by fire investigators in the country to establish the causes of fire outbreaks, describing it as a “lazy approach”

Its President, Kwaku Obeng, told Onua 95.1fm Monday morning that whereas most fires are caused by gas cylinders, fluctuations in electricity and arson among others, investigators usually cite wiring cables as the cause.

The Association argued investigators at the Ghana National Fire Service need training with respect to investigating causes of fire outbreaks because their approach to unraveling the root causes of fires is questionable.

“Those who do forensic audit after fire outbreaks must be given a special training to investigate fires well… we don’t have such things in the country,” he said.

Speaking on the recent fire outbreaks, he said: “if we don’t get that training [for the investigators] whatever they will say after their investigations will be speculations because they use lazy approach and say we [investigators] suspect an electrical fault”.

Mr. Obeng was however quick to add that their stand does not rule out the fact that some of the fires are caused by electrical wires, especially inferior ones.

“That does not mean electricals cannot cause fire but we must take our time to investigate. Some contractors and electricians use wrong cables. Wrong usage of the electrical gadgets can also contribute to the fire. Imitations are also killing the business and causing fire outbreaks,” he concluded

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|Onua 95.1fm|3news.com

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