Election Command Center: MG outlines election programmes

Media General Thursday launched the Election Command Center as the group’s tagline for all election-related programmes on its platforms.

The media institution outlined some of the programmes that would be run on TV3, Onua FM, 3FM, Connect FM, Akoma FM and 3news.com.


 +275: The show provides aspiring parliamentary candidates the opportunity to debate live on the issues that affect their constituents and the constituency at large. It is a segment on New Day, TV3’s morning magazine show on Tuesdays and Thursday.

EYE ON THE SEAT: This is to carry along the viewers of TV3’s News 360 beyond 8.00pm.

The objective of the programme is to interrogate the policy preferences of political parties, and their implications for the socio-economic development of Ghana. Themes to be explored include the state of economy, education, health, democratic consolidation, etc. and Shed light on thematic areas of political parties’ manifestoes and their implementation.   Expected Guests: Prof. Stephen Adei, Patrick Awuah, Rose Mensah Kutin. The show is on Sundays.

THE KEY POINT: This is on TV every weekday from 6.30 to 7.00pm, the Key Point seeks to interrogate and ask the hard questions while at the same time breaking the major and top news stories. The Key Point is a hot, incisive, interactive current affairs show.

CONSTITUENCY LINK: Is a 10 minute documentary focusing mainly on the constituencies in the country. The documentaries project history, development and challenges of each constituency. It also gives opportunity to the constituents to share their joy and frustrations about developments and challenges in their areas. They are also asked to declare their position on the performance of their MPs and parliamentary candidates. The constituents’ views on development issues that political parties must prioritize with regard to policy formulation and implementation are also included in each documentary. Constituency Link is aims at deepening the understanding of constituents on issues-relating to the elections.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during TV3’s Midday Live

ELECTION ZONE: Show focuses on the upcoming election in 2016. All issues affecting the election will be discussed with politicians and civil society organizations as guest. TUESDAY – FRIDAY 5:00pm – 6:00pm

COMMUNITY CONNNECT: The show will discuss issues affecting selected communities, channeling their concerns to persons in authority including MMDCEs, MPs, etc. It has an Outside Broadcast (OB) element on the programme which would transmit the issues and concerns. Issues would be followed until there are results. It is aired on MONDAY 5:00pm- 6:00pm on 3FM.

Bright Asempa would be live on Onua FM with Kokromoti.


3news.com decided to gauge the views of Media General audience on the launch of the Election Command Center. Below are a few of them.

This is exactly what we need and I believe TV3 has done a good job by launching this early enough so some of us know exactly what is going on in this country especially with the two big political parties the NPP and the NDC. I would like to say kudos to 3fm and Onua fm too. Michael

I think our country needs every information leading up to this election and it’s only you the media that can help us. Tv3 is the only station I watch every time I’m home and recently I have been paying a lot of attention to 3FM and Onua FM too so why not. I’m happy for this. Akosua Oppong

I heard it on 3FM on my way to Kanda this morning and I think it’s great. I believe TV3 will do a good job. Evans

Ghana is our motherland and it is the only country we have so let’s all try and work towards a peaceful election. Thank you TV3. Bright



Source: 3news.com

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