EIU election prediction lacks sense – Oppong thunders

A law lecturer Yaw Oppong has pooh-poohed on a report by the UK-based Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), which suggested that the opposition NPP is in a pole position to win the 2016 general elections.

Mr. Oppong who lectures at Central University (college) did not mince words, pointing out that the report does not make sense as he shot down EIU’s credibility.

Speaking on TV3 New Day Saturday which was carried live on 3FM, he indicated that persons who will bank their hope on the report will do so at their own risk.

“There is little time for Mr Mahama and the NDC to turn the economy around before the November 2016 Presidential and Legislative elections. The Economist Intelligence Unit therefore expects Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP to be victorious,” the EIU report predicted.

It was however quick to chip in a caveat, stating that the “outcome is not a foregone conclusion”.

The report has drawn varied reactions from political actors and commentators in Ghana.

“I am saying that, all that they have said, for me it doesn’t make sense to me. The fact is that those things about the economy are not things that people of Ghana look when they are voting.

“It is like the weather man saying the clouds are moving from the east to the west, and if it stays there from Togo to Ghana, then it will rain. That is all that they have done. Is that a forecast?”

“That if this one does this, then this one will win, and if this one doesn’t do this, then this one will not win…this is not about the economy; I think they got it wrong,” he stressed.

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Lawyer Oppong also backed his analysis with the fact that the NPP that the report rather favours are taking it with a pinch of salt.


Deputy Communications Director of the NPP, Anthony Karbo although maintained that he “doesn’t really trust” the report, he would not wished aside it claims that the economy will play a role in the 2016 elections.

He recalled several failed predictions of the EIU, citing its recent report that claimed the USA Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump will fizzle out in the primary.

Mr. Karbo also noted that with the abysmal performance by government in various sectors of the economy, the NPP does not need a “soothsayer” to tell the party that it will win.

He was emphatic that the wave of suspension that hit the party late last year will have negligible impact on the party’s fortunes because the NPP is still united.

For Abraham Amaliba, a member of the NDC legal team, the report will serve as a “sign post” for the party as to things they should look out for, going into the November polls.

He however stated that a lot has changed since the EIU survey was conducted in November 2015.

For instance, he said, the report made reference to the energy crisis, which he said has now seen a remarkable improvement.

Ghanaian scientist, Prof. Alex Dodoo advised electorate to vote based on personal conviction.

People, he advised, should examine their living standard and circumstances around to cast their ballots in the elections – whether to change the government or not.

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Story by Isaac Essel | 3news.com | Ghana