Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo writes an open letter to Amewu on E-levy

John Peter Amewu is the Minister of Railway Development

Dear Mr. Amewu,

I write this letter to you on a very sad note. Sad note because aside disgracing the good people of Hohoe in the house of parliament on 7th January 2021 by declaring yourself a killer, you have also insulted the entire citizenry of Hohoe today in your wasteful town hall meeting in Ho.

I remember when a town hall meeting was organized by your colleagues in parliament in Hohoe, you were invited to account to the good people of Hohoe as their Mp but you ignored them.

When the people of Hohoe reacted negatively to the inhumane E-levy, you boldly told them you will respond to them at a town hall meeting that will soon be organized by your party.

Today you shocked your constituents by insulting them in Ho.

You shocked them by letting them know that you value your party more than their presence, their treasured resources and precious time.

You shocked them by telling them that they have no option than to pay the E-levy because Government doesn’t grow trees to produce money; your own words Mr. Amewu.

You shocked not just the people who gave you power to represent them in parliament but many others who have joined in the noble call to reject the E-levy. This is because your comments denigrates all citizens who are against the E-levy including our nobles Chiefs, clergy, imams, drivers, market women, farmers, carpenters and the chunks of unemployed graduates your government has produced.

Mr. Mp how will you feel if that youngman in Alavanyo who has been looking for a job for several years now is forced to pay tax on 101 ghana cedis he is sending to his mother in Wli Todzi to buy medicine?

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Mr. Mp, supporting E-levy shows how ruthless you are to your own people who are struggling to make ends needs.

Supporting E-levy is a nice way of telling your constituents that you will always choose your party over them.

Supporting the E-levy is a clear indication that you don’t respect their candid opinions and you will never do.

The question is why are you the only Mp in the entire Volta Region who is supporting this mischievous tax against the will of your people?

All I can tell you is that, the people of Hohoe will soon spit their venom and pour their anger on the street of Hohoe to let you know that you illegally forced yourself to Parliament to represent your party and not them.

It will be better you come out and apologize to the people of Hohoe before the kitchen get saturated with the leaking gas.

Always remember a power of united people is mightier than the sword and the people of Hohoe are united against the E-levy.

Your brother,

Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo
Bono Regional Youth Organizer,
Proud Son of Alavanyo.]

Source: 3news.com|Ghana