EC to go after those who vouched for unqualified persons to register

The Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC) has served notice that all persons who vouched for people who were not qualified to register for a voter’s identity card in the just-ended registration exercise, will be arrested because they have engaged in illegality.

Director of Electoral Services at the EC Dr. Serebour Quaicoe told Abena Tabi on The Key Point on TV3 Saturday, August 8 that both the unqualified persons who managed to register and those who vouched for them will all be arrested and be made to face the law for their actions.

He revealed that the data and other information on all those who registered using the vouching system and those who vouched for them are available to help the EC and the security agencies to make the identification.

He said: “Last year during the limited registration 95% of the people used the vouching system in the limited registration. Vouching will never leave our scene as long as there will be some people who will not have credible form of identification.

“Even no matter the form of identification you have, you still will need someone to vouch for you. So vouching has nothing to do with legality or illegality.

“The requirement is that if you are going to vouch for somebody the person should be somebody you know because you are saying the person is a Ghanaian, the person is at least 18 years, the person is within the locality. So if you vouch for somebody you don’t know then you are committing an illegality, you have committed perjury.

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“I want to put on record that this time round all those who vouched for people are in the system. Anybody who is found to have secured an ID card illegality the one who vouched for the person, we will have to go after the person.

“Because it means that the person is supporting and illegality so anybody who has vouched for somebody who is not qualified gave wrong information. So One, we will go after the person who has registered, and also go after the one who did the vouching.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana