EC to cut voting period for national elections

EC chair, Jean Mensa[/caption] The chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Jean Mensa, says the Commission is considering a reduction in the voting duration during general elections. The electoral body is looking at starting the voting process from 7am to 4pm, one hour short of the previous 5pm closing time. The current voting period from 7am to 5pm, according to her, delays declaration of results and increase violence at the polling stations, she observed. The Electoral Commission boss was speaking at the ECOWAS-UN workshop on litigation and mitigating electoral violence in the sub-region in Accra. Member states are to share ideas on good practices as well as what worked and didn’t work in the various elections held in their respective countries. Throwing more light on cutting down voting period in Ghana, Mrs. Jean Mensa decried the situation where some voters only go to polling centres minutes to close of polls, leading to queues even after 6pm. She stressed the need for counting to be down in broad daylight, especially in areas without electricity or proper lighting system, She remarked that concluding the electoral process earlier will “prevent violence”, noting that when it goes deep into the night some miscreants take advantage to perpetuate electoral fraud. According to the EC boss, the proposal is still being considered by the commissioners before the inter-party advisory committing, made up of the various political parties, is briefed to ensure transparency and build confidence in the electoral process. Source: / Ghana]]>

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