EC must remove 7m names from register – LMVCA demands  

Pressure group, Let My Vote Count Alliance wants over 7 million names expunged from the voter’s register, if the Electoral Commission decides not to compile new register.

At a news conference in Accra, convener of the group that has been championing for a new register for years, David Asante said it was imperative for the register to be revised to reflect the change in numeric codes for existing ID cards holders in the six newly created regions.

According to him, “It is a solid decision by the EC to compile a new register, if you look on the old card the codes represent district and polling station, the entire coding for the new region has changed and if voters turn out to vote on that day with the old cards it would be chaotic”.

The group said a research they conducted in March also revealed that over 50,000 fake voter ID cards were also in circulation. The existence of such fake ID cards came to light when financial institutions decided to run checks on ID cards presented for banking transactions, he noted.

The Let My Vote Count Alliance expressed optimism the EC has the capacity to deliver a credible voter’s register and entreated key stakeholders to speak up about the issue.

It further indicated the group would continue to champion calls for the compilation of a new voter’s register to strengthen Ghana’s democracy and sanitise the country’s electoral system.

Since 2015 the group has been leading calls for the compilation of a new register with other key stakeholders.

A minute silence was held in honour of two of their members – justice and Ernest – who lost their lives fighting that cause.

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By Jocelyn Wood |