EC ‘corruption’: Step aside – PPP tells Charlotte Osei, Commissioners

Chairperson of the EC [middle] and two of the Commissioners
The Progressive People’s Party has called the chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) Mrs Charlotte Osei and all Commissioners of the EC to step aside to allow for an independent probe into the allege corruption against them.

It said the allegations against its Chair, Mrs Charlotte Osei and counter allegation against other Commissioners including Director of Operations, do not augur well for the Commission.

“We therefore advise that all the Commissioners must willingly offer to step aside to prepare the grounds for a Commission of Enquiry to be set up to investigate the allegations and to put the troubling matters to rest,” the party said in a statement issued Monday.

The statement signed by the Secretary….said the EC is a sensitive state institution hence the allegations cannot be allowed to “fester unduly. The potential for these to disturb the peace which we are currently enjoying in this country is immense”.

It expressed dismay at the current “worrying” situation at the Commission , indicating that the allegations “are serious enough to merit further interrogation.”

The PPP wants Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to make a constitutional intervention without fear or favour to salvage the situation.

It has meanwhile asked Ghanaians to demand probity and accountability in the issue and desist from polarizing the issues.


Some anonymous staff of the EC last week petitioned President Akufo-Add to initiate impeachment proceedings against Mrs Osei over alleged breaches of procurement and financial administration laws and conflict of interest among others.

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But Mrs Osei responded to all allegations leveled against her and in turn accused her deputy commissioners of insubordination, corruption, breach of financial administration laws and incompetence.

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By P.D Wedam||Ghana