EC boss recommended my disqualification – Dr Nduom claims

[L-R] EC Chair Ms Osei and Dr Nduom, PPP presidential nominee
[L-R] EC Chair Ms Osei and Dr Nduom, PPP presidential nominee
It has emerged that the Chairperson of Ghana’s Electoral Commission, Ms Charlotte Osei, recommended the disqualification of presidential nominee for the Progressive People’s Party, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom.
According to the businessman-cum-politician, Ms Osei admitted at a meeting with him yesterday that although she recommended that he be disqualified, the full Commission took the ultimate decision.
“…In the end of our discussion what the chairperson of the EC said to me was that she made a recommendation, she did not decide to reject my application but it was the commission that made the decision,” Dr Nduom said Thursday on  Joy FM.
Dr Nduom had his presidential nomination forms rejected by the Commission on Monday on grounds that the number of subscribers to his forms did not meet the legal requirements.
According to the Commission, one person who endorsed his nomination, Richard Aseda (Asida) did so for Dr Nduom in two different districts, as well as endorsed the forms with two different signatures.
The Commission consequently rejected his nomination and indicated it will refer the matter to the Police and the Attorney General for investigation and possible prosecution for perjury, deceiving a public officer and corruption, intimidation and impersonation in respect of election.
Meeting with EC boss
But at a news conference Tuesday, Dr Nduom requested for a five minute sit down meeting with the Chairperson of the Commission to show cause as to why the EC should reconsider its decision to accept his nomination to contest in the December 7 presidential election this year.
His request was granted by Ms Osei Wednesday at which Dr Nduom said he explained why his disqualification should not be made to stand as well as why the claim of fraud alleged by the EC against him will not suffice.
Dr Nduom said the meeting, which was also attended by a Deputy Commission, Amadu Sulley, made it clear that “there isn’t any big matter here; that there was administrative error,” which he said they have in the past been given the opportunity to rectify.
“…All the time, every time until this time, where there is a small administrative error brought to our attention, it is taken care of ,” he said.
Dr Nduom said after his explanations to the Commission Wednesday, Ms Osei told him that “it would only be the Commission that can take the decision to decide to now accept my nomination papers and so she was standing where she stood with the letter that we had gone to pick up from the commission”.
But Mr Nduom whose disqualification came as a surprise to many Ghanaians said he believes his rights have been violated per the disqualification, and that the issue of who becomes the president should be left to the electorates to decide.
“I want to be very clear with you, I believe that my rights are being trampled upon and I want to show you and the people that no one can do it with Papa Kwesi Nduom and get away with it or to the PPP and get away with it,” he stated.
Time is of the essence
He argued  that  “selective administration of the law has occurred” and that, he said, is not right.
He has thus asked the full Commission that took the decision to reject his nomination to as a matter of urgency, reconsider its decision.
“Time is of the essence here. I cannot sit and wait and wait and wait! But then I also don’t want to hold up the election so today, I’m asking the full commission to also in an expeditious manner, consider what it had done and reverse itself,” he urged.
Meanwhile, he pointed out that notwithstanding the meeting with the EC, noting himself and the PPP are gearing up for a legal tussle with the Commission, he will explore all avenues available.
“…At the same time we have a team of lawyers who have been assembled to take all steps necessary in law to compel the EC to accept my nomination papers and I’m prepared to go as far as I’m allowed to go by law to get my rights restored,” he said.
By Stephen Kwabena Effah|3news.com|Ghana
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