E/R: Sekyikrom Chief cries for public toilet

Oheneba Nana Asante Okore I

The Apagyahene of Sekyikrom in the Eastern Region fears of a cholera outbreak in the community due to lack of toilet facilities.

Apart from this, the community also lacks amenities such as markets, roads, among others.

The Apagyahene of Sekyikrom, Oheneba Nana Asante Okore I who made the revelation, is therefore calling on the government and individuals who have the means to help the community.

The Chief says those who do not have toilet facilities in their homes ease themselves in the bushes and other untheorized places, a situation that is likely to cause an outbreak of cholera.

 “We should not wait for the outbreak of cholera. We have to guard against that and one of the things we can do is to provide a proper place for people to ease themselves”, he told Onua TV in an interview while celebrating the Easter Festivities with his people.

Oheneba said the few households that have the toilet facilities have been helping those who do not have them but the main challenge has been when there are public functions.

He explained that public events such as funerals bring more people into the community and so it demands that people who attend nature’s call do it in such public facilities but they are not there for them to use.

Nana Asante Okore I said the community has embarked on monthly contributions for the construction of public toilets but wants government support to facilitate speedy construction.

On education, Nana Asante Okore I said he has taken a queue from the Asantehene, Otomfuo Osei II’s educational fund and therefore, a similar fund would soon be launched in Sekyikrom.

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He said there are children of school going age in Sekyikrom who are normally seen loitering and there is the need to help them out of the streets.

On roads and market places, Nana Asante Okore I noted that such have been some of the challenges affecting the community.

He noted the community does not have a market and so traders find it very difficult to sell.

Nana Asante Okore I therefore appeal to the government to come to their aide with a befitting market for the community.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|3news.com|Ghana