E-levy Wahala: We pay taxes but nothing to show for it – Sarkodie

E-levy Wahala: We pay taxes but nothing to show for it - Sarkodie
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Ghanaian ace rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur Michael Owusu Addo, known professionally as Sarkodie, is one of the most admired artists in Ghana. Due to his vibrancy, fans are crazy love to engage him in the public sphere on controversial issues.

And in accordance, he took to his Twitter page to express his concern about the E-levy controversy.

Tsaatse Buertey texted, “ @ Sarkodie Please, I want to know what you think about the E-level. You have been quite on it. Your paddies are speaking their minds ooo.”

In his answer, he made it clear that E-levy in itself is not bad. But our leaders will not create systems that the people will benefit from, unlike other countries who pay a lot of taxes and have the avenues available to make money in return.

He concluded that many complain because there’s a slim chance of gaining something positive from the policy. He used the literary device simile to compare the government’s request E-levy (harmless good morning) to a tease.

Sarkodie typed, “I pay a lot of taxes outside, and I don’t complain because I’m using avenues they made available to make 💰 (it’s only right). It’s not the same here, and that is why we complain. Not because the ‘E-levy’ is bad. When you broke, a harmless ‘good morning’ can sound like a tease.”

By Lordina Nayeram Bessie|3news.com|Ghana

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