DVLA ‘Goro boys’ plead for their activities to be regulated

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has welcomed requests by middle men popularly referred to as ‘Goro boys’ to be regulated as agents of the authority. This follows moves by the authority to introduce new drivers’ licenses with improved security features which will be difficult to duplicate. The activities of ‘Goro Boys” have been blamed for the widespread fake vehicle and roadworthy documents and driver’s licenses. Chief Executive Officer of DVLA, Kwasi Agyemang Busia in an interview with TV3 said “the main stream activity we are about to undertake would put a dent in what they [Goro boys] do. It will not happen overnight but gradually we will take back the mandate that has been given to us.” Unfortunately, the process at the authority remains cumbersome following concerns of the presence of “Goro boys” who act as middle men for applicants who are willing to pay more to secure new licenses. The DVLA says the new system which will cost some 15 million dollars, will reduce human-to-human interaction in the discharge of its various services. Mr. Agyeman Busia said this step by the authority is set to bring shady activities in the licensing process to an end adding that “the conversation they have opened with us is a good sign that we will get somewhere. “If we make it more difficult for them by making citizens get their drivers license in good enough time – not one year, not six months but in two weeks I think we are making progress” he added. The cost of the new driver’s license is yet to be communicated.

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