Due diligence was done in Kelni GVG contract – PPA

The Public Procurement Authority (PPAG) has stated due diligence was followed in the procurement processes leading to the award of the controversial contract between the government and Kelni GVG.

The five-year renewable 89 million-dollar contract which seeks to among other things block revenue losses in the telecommunication sector and curb simbox fraud has widely been criticized with some claiming it smacks of corruption.

Policy think-tank IMANI which has been leading a campaign against the deal claims the contract is needless, dubious and does not pass value for money test, adding Kelni-GVG does not have a good reputation to be awarded such contract.

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Though the Communications Ministry has denied the claims and justified the award of the contract, that appeared to have been unconvincing to many critics some of who have gone to court over the matter.

Answering a question on the deal at the launch of supplier database in Accra, the Chief Executive Officer of the Public Procurement Authority, Agyenim Boateng Agyei said the Kelni GVG contract went through a what he said is restrictive tendering process.

“We are unable to comment on lapses at this stage, but what we can say to the public is that they did apply for restrictive tendering and they were granted permission to undertake the restrictive tender,” the PPA CEO said.

Restricted tendering is a procurement method that limits the request for tenders to a select number of suppliers, contractors or service providers.

According to Mr Agyei, the Ministry of Communication through National Communication Authority applied for the use of restrictive tendering method which they were granted approval.

He said going forward, “documentations will be taken through a rigorous vetting process for verification and validation to establish their credibility to engage government of Ghana tenders and execute contracts.

“Any supplier that is selected for a shortlist by any of this procuring entities, that supplier must be on PPA’s website and database so that because of the vetting and validation that we are taking, as comprehensive as it is, it brings in credibility,” he added.

This, he said would prevent any issue regarding the credibility of tenders and contracts in the future.

“Nobody can question that you just came onto PPA the website and picked cronies and friends to participate in the tender, so we are actually introducing some sanity and credibility into our procurement landscape,” Mr. Agyei said.

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