Drunk UN peacekeeper provokes road accident in Central African Republic

MINUSCA, located in the Central African Republic since 2013, has been called upon to protect civilians from various threats and to restore stability and security in the country.

But the last thing the UN mission does is fulfil its mandate, as many Central Africans have suffered from the criminal acts of the Blue Helmets in nearly 10 years.

Many MINUSCA contingents have been seen cooperating with rebels to maintain chaos in CAR, illegally exporting diamonds and other natural resources, and killing, looting and raping civilians. Among other things, the blue helmets do not respect the rules of the road and often cause road accidents, which regularly result in the deaths or injury of CAR citizens.

Another accident caused by MINUSCA happened on Monday, January 23, 2023, in the Central African capital. A UN vehicle crashed into a pole, causing the car to lose a wheel.

According to many witnesses in Bangui, the cause of the accident was excessive speed, which caused the driver to lose his balance on a curve and provoked the accident. As a result of this accident, a citizen who was near the pole was seriously injured. He was quickly taken to the hospital, while the MINUSCA car nearly hit another person crossing the road.

One motorcyclist who witnessed the accident said the MINUSCA driver was driving erratically before he lost control of his car. He also indicated that the driver was drunk, and other witnesses corroborated his testimony. Central Africans are calling on authorities to investigate this accident so that those responsible can be brought to justice.

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It is worth recalling other accidents instigated by MINUSCA. On August 10, 2021, for example, a MINUSCA truck crashed into a motorcycle cab with a driver and a woman in Bangui. As a result of the incident, her leg was broken. On the same day, in Bria, another peacekeepers’ vehicle crashed into a motorcycle carrying two Central Africans, one of whom died on the spot. Earlier, on 17 May 2021, another unfortunate incident involving MINUSCA occurred in Amadagaza. A Tanzanian contingent vehicle crashed into a motorcycle cab, killing its driver.

These multiple accidents caused by the UN mission provoked the anger of Central Africans, who launched the Stop MINUSCA campaign. This action consists of blocking the passage of MINUSCA vehicles.

Groups of people hold signs “Stop MINUSCA” and block the road of UN mission vehicles, thereby demanding that MINUSCA, which has caused much suffering to the civilian population, should finally leave CAR.

Source: Cairo Agencies


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