Drugs give 7 times the feeling of an orgasm – Founder, Chosen Rehab Center

Drugs give 7 times the feeling of an orgasm - Founder, Chosen Rehab Center
Substance Abuse (pc: Alcohol Rehab Center)

Apostle Daniel Cobby Washington, the founder of Chosen Rehab Center, described how addicts feel when they smoke drugs on 3FM’s Showbiz 927. Chosen Rehab Center is a rejuvenation site for artistes addicted to drugs, alcohol and narcotics.

According to Apostle Washington, addiction is difficult to break because of the intense good feeling that the sufferer receives. He pointed out that this feeling is so powerful that an addict can decide to stop all productive activities like working, eating and even sex.

“When you are on drugs, you don’t feel for food. You don’t feel even for sex. Because what you are smoking is seven times the feeling from orgasm during lovemaking. That is the high you get when you smoke drugs.”

He also mentions that Chosen Rehab Center is not for only musicians but has had more patronage from that category of people. In explaining why that is so, Apostle Washington said that creatives are highly spiritual people, so good or bad spirits can invade their bodies and minds.

“And so people like that, the enemy targets them. Anybody who goes into music should know that you are a target of the enemy because that was his occupation in heaven. And on earth, he is still influencing people to do a certain type of music,” he added.

Speaking about the processes used to recover addicts, Apostle Washington revealed that victims are taken through a body, mind and soul detox.

He disclosed that the body detox may take five to seven days to flush out all toxins from the body. During this period, he noted that they become weak and disoriented and that it takes a team of doctors and nurses to nurse them back to regular sleep schedules and appetites.

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Apostle Washington also shared that addicts are foremost analyzed to understand if the person needs counselling alone or medication and counselling. He mentions that a patient is brainwashed during counselling to rewire their mentality. A spiritual session may be initiated to exorcise a demon or curse.


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