Dropped out in JHS 2; The internet educated me – Lyrical Joe

Dropped out in JHS 2; The internet educated me - Lyrical Joe
Lyrical Joe

Ghanaian rapper Lyrical Joe has revealed that upon the demise of his parents, he dropped out of school in JHS2. However, he utilized the internet to educate himself.

Lyrical Joe lost his parents at a very young age. This incident accounted for his dropping out of school. Nevertheless, the rapper saw education as valuable and made a conscious effort to enlighten himself on his own.

Speaking to Cookie on the TV3 NewDay entertainment segment, he said, “I dropped out at JHS2. The thing is that it’s just one of those tragedies that happen. I lost both my parents at a very young age. I mean, at the same time, I didn’t think that education was only about school. So I felt like, yeah, you still got to learn.”

Joseph Gamor, known by many by his stage name Lyrical Joe made the internet a learning platform where he bettered himself every day. Rather than focusing keenly on social media, he did some learning in addition to every opportunity he got.

“I mean on the streets and every opportunity I get. You know, for example, the internet is there, and everyone has a way they use the internet. Everyone uses it in a different space. I wouldn’t just be on there and just be on social media every day. 

You need to read. You need to learn. When you hear the news, you need to go into it and venture into the other side of the world, not just Ghana. What’s going on at other places and things? That’s how come you keep a broad mind, and that’s what I’ve been doing: educating myself.”

By: Esther Aryee (contributor)

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