Drolor Bosso Adamtey challenges Ghanaians to put their God-given power to use

Drolor Bosso Adamtey I[/caption] Drolor Bosso Adamtey I, the Suapolor of the Se Traditional Area in the Dangme West District of Ghana, has underscored that until Ghanaians realize the God-given power entrusted in their hands, they will forever continue to wallow in poverty and misery. According to him, the power to determine their future, is already gifted by God, which must be utilized to bring about the desired changes in their lives. “God has put so much in our hands, He has given us the opportunity, life and gifts. If we learn to use our hands and our heads and don’t get lazy, we can achieve anything in life”. Nene Drolor Bosso Adamtey I made thes observation in a sermon on the topic: “the power of the hand” at the gathering of worshipers of the Praise Family Chapel located at Nanakrom near Ashaley Botwe in Accra. Ghana is uniquely blessed among few African countries with so much resources such as huge water bodies, mineral resources, fertile lands, timber, cocoa, human resources among others. Despite the abundance of these resources, most Ghanaians still live in penury while its leaders continue to beg for alms in the West and now China. In his sermon, Drolor Bosso Adamtey I who is also the founder and senior pastor of Life International Church in Durham, North Carolina remarked that the bane of the vast majority of Ghanaians is their inability to realize the power in their hands and  to utilize it to determine their own future, and therefore leave their fate in the hands of others. “It is very interesting to note that most Ghanaians don’t know there’s power in their hands. We always think that somebody else has the power in his hands and can determine our life and future”. “So many times, we blame things on others and it looks like we put our hands in the hands of those who can’t keep us safe”. The Suapolor of the Se Traditional Area stated that it is about time Ghanaians took their destiny into their own hands and break themselves free from the grips of powers that be (western world, China and many others). He cited the ‘big six’ as a typical example of noble men who charted the right course for the country. “We have to take our destiny into our hands as a country, just as the big six did. They realized that the destiny of Ghana lied in their hands and could not wait for someone else to determine our future,”  Nene Drolor Bosso Adamtey who is also the founder of Fletcher International said. He also stressed: “for us to preserve our own destiny, we have to first redeem our destiny, protect our destiny and preserve our destiny,” reiterating, “the destiny of Ghana is in the hands of Ghanaians, the future of Ghana is in the hands of Ghanaians and it is time for us to put our hands on deck to make things work for us instead of leaving it in the hands of others”.

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By Joseph Kobla Wemakor | 3news.com | Ghana]]>