Driver sacked for stealing his Chinese boss’ frog meat

An angry Chinese small scale miner, Zeng Wuachin, has sacked his personal driver for allegedly stealing frog meat from his stew.
The Chinese who operates at Dunkwa-On-Offin is said to have contracted some boys in the area who hunted the frogs for him.
Zeng Wuachin killed the frogs, sliced them into pieces which he used to prepare his sumptuous stew.
He consumed just a little portion of the stew on Tuesday night and left the rest for Wednesday as lunch at his mining site.
He woke up Wednesday morning and headed straight to the kitchen to heat the stew in readiness for the day’s work. To his surprise, he found the stew in the same quantity as he left the day before, but the frog meat had diminished.
According to freelance journalist, Teacher Korsah, the Chinese suspected his driver Daniel Mensah as the one behind the missing frog meat from his stew.
Zeng Wuachin confronted Daniel but he denied playing any role in the disappearance of the meat that was chiefly on the agenda of the Chinese for the day.
Daniel’s boss was not convinced about his innocence. Infuriated as he was, Zeng Wuachin ordered him to leave his house and handed him his dismissal message.
Though he has developed interest in the delicacy, Daniel insisted that he did not steal the frog meant and was completely innocent.
Source: | Ghana

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