Dr Kofi Amoah advocates youth activism in national discourse


Businessman and economist Dr Kofi Amoah has rallied the to actively partake in national discourse including .

He said such moves will give them a voice in decision-making.

Addressing thousands of African youth on Spaces on the topic, ‘Political and Social Accountability of the Youth of and ' on Sunday, , Dr Amoah underscored the participation by the youth in national activities to ensure political and social accountability.

He also admonished them to develop the habit of educating themselves about the history of their nations, especially about the fight for independence.

“In summary, the youth of Africa can employ several approaches to ensure political and social accountability, including civic , active participation in the political process, advocacy and activism, monitoring and reporting, and collaboration with civil society,” he told his listeners.

“These approaches can help the youth to hold their leaders accountable and demand transparency and good governance, ultimately contributing to the of a stable and prosperous society.”

He backed student wings of political parties on university campuses but demanded that a mechanism must be put in place to make members youth advocates.

Dr Amoah also highlighted emerging technologies in artificial intelligence (AI), urging the youth “to get involved in all these emerging technologies that promise to transform the way we think, live and make decisions”.

“Africa cannot be left behind again in the 21st Century as we were in the 19th and 20th Centuries.”

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